Zigtebra Custom Song
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Imagine Zigtebra singing a song written about ANYTHING you choose! You get all the love, all the attention, all the sugar, all the long nights, all the lust, wrapped into one custom, private song just for you.

Will we ever do this again? Doubtful. So grab this while you can. After the holidaze, this will be GONE.

You answer a few questions that we'll send you about topic, vibe, etc, and we'll create a song that will melt your wintry heart.

Superfans rejoice!

Song completed and delivered digitally to you within 3 weeks.

--Need a faster turnaround time? Inquire! --Want a physical copy on a cd? Inquire!

We can't wait to make something private for you. It'll be a rare treasure that we forever share.

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