Orlando Weekly article about our show at Iron Cow 

Orlando Florida has more magic than Mickey Mouse. There are lizards, and rockers, and weirdos, and cool shows at The Iron Cow. 

Bao Le-Huu of Orlando Weekly was front and center photographing the show. I kept wondering who this attentive person was. 

Surprise, they reviewed the show and we couldn't be more delighted with the article! 

"Even with a simplistic setup and ethos, they perform with a sense of wonder that’s contagious, likeable and utterly pure. What their basic electronic pop does show, though, is how secondary things like production and hardware are when you got the songs."

Pictures were taken by Bao Le-Huu on the night of the show. Thanks Bao! <3 

Savannah, GA 

Good Morning Y'all! 


It's a foggy, rainy morning in Savannah, GA, which is a perfect way to slowly wake up and remember the incredible fun we had last night.

Zigtebra opened for The Savannah Sweet Tease burlesque troupe's fundraiser at The Jinx. The troupe closed the night with a brief tease of a show, including a Carmen San Diego number. MEOW! 

Afterwards we hopped from bar to bar with the guidance of two of Joe's local friends, walking down steep historical steps, winding alley-ways, floating in bubble fields, finding ourselves in the middle of packed dance floors, country-line dancing, and suddenly being signed up for mechanical bull rides. 

It was a blur of fun and magic. SAVANNAH. Wow.

And, bonus, we made a special promise about the rest of the year for Zigtebra! ^_^


Emily and Her Skills


2018 Tour #1 

Howdy Friends!

We're in a McDonald's in Tallahassee working on booking the latter half of our 4.5 month tour. It's our first of two tours in 2018. We'll be going everywhere south and everywhere up the coasts. We're skipping the creamy middle Midwest because IT'S COLD Y'ALL, but we'll make it up to you on Tour #2. 

If you haven't seen Zigtebra in a hot minute, you need to come to a show on this tour. We're so psyched on our new stage show that it's the first time every we've felt 100% like you must come. Emily has a sparkly bodysuit and Joseph is in mega hunk super fitness mode with a hot leather jacket. We're playing the best songs we wrote over the past year, like "Want You," "Wildlife," "I Can Dance," and of course also "Bay Bay."

We have a special secret to share in a few weeks. Stay tuned and join our email list if you haven't yet!

P.S. If you wanna hang out with us in person, let us know where you want us to play when we come through your town on tour. We'd love to meet you!

Warmest Regards, 
E / M


P.P.S. Chattanooga was AMAZING! We played Frequency Arts and JJ's Bohemia. Both venues rocked, and we made new forever friends in Mouth Gremlin and El Bandito. Thanks Chatty! <3







Wow 12 new songs and new music videos, representing every month in 2017. What a fun journey. I'm getting addicted. Do you like computers?


Emily Rose

November Song and Music Video is LIVE "Paradise" 

Just in time for Halloween, we have a special treat, our new song and music video, "Paradise." It's hard to believe we've made 11 new songs and music videos this year AND gone on a 4 month tour AND we're booking our tour that starts in January. November is a month of gratitude and I am really feeling grateful for all of our hard work and all of our adventures.

Hope you love it! Share it!


Love you, 

Emily Rose & Joe Zeph


WE'RE BACK! *plus: Interview with EMULSION 

EMULSION is a video channel and blog focused on sharing music and telling stories from the Chicago music scene and they're really nice people too!

Remsy and Sean met up with us before our SOLD-OUT show opening for Picture This at Schuba's in Chicago for some drinks, chats, and pics. We wandered around outside and found some of that sparkly golden-hour light. Bits of fluff floated around in the early evening sunbeams and we talked about our tour, our big dreams, Emily's vagabond couch-surfing, Joe's love for Britney Spears and our method for making songs on the road. 

Check out the full article (plus pics!) here.


September's New Song "Wildlife," as Tour Winds Down... 

Wow, we have less than 2 weeks left of tour. It's hard to fathom how much we've grown and how much we've seen in four months.

We've hiked 100 backcountry miles up and down mountains and canyons (Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Everglades, White Sands, Redwoods, Jedediah Smith, Cape Blanco, and so many more).

We've performed over 75 shows! We've played for hundreds of people! We've written exactly 9 new songs and made new music videos for all of them (3 more to go this year)!

We've laughed, we've learned (thank you podcasts, especially Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History and also Gimlet's Science Vs.), we've cried (but then we found the Honky Tonks). We were scared (bear spray: the best money we ever spent that we hope we never use). We were excited (playing Tampa's outdoor fest to hundreds in the rain. We discovered the windy sea-sprayed joy of taking a ferry across a body of water. It's one of our new favorite things. We've played under the moonlight in a phosphorescent cove off the NW coast. We discovered the joy of showing up to the creative process and choosing to make a new song every month. I LOVE the results and I'm not stopping. 

Please enjoy our latest song and music video "Wildlife." I made this video on a whim, using footage I found on my phone from our travels, plus a few bonus clips/otherworldly finds. If you like it, please share it!  WATCH NOW ----->




Tour Adventure Updates 

Zigtebra is nearly 3 months into our 4 month tour. We've hiked the Grand Canyon (Rim to Rim to RIM) and wandered into Tijuana to play Moustache and see our amazing local friend, Matthew Suarez (Matingas). He wrote about our night together on his cool blog. If you ever want to go to Tijuana and get the insider scoop, reach out to him for a tour. He knows the best places for fancy food and for local food, plus the best places to party, and the coolest things to see. We are so grateful to him for all the fun and all the love. It's cool to have friends around the world who you know you'll stay connected to, despite the miles. 



(from San Diego)

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