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"As Emily Rose and Joe Zeph of Zigtebra creep towards mainstream exposure, their plaintive and sparkling brand of off-path indie feels less like an attempt at radio-ready pop and more like a broadcast straight from the surreal and tender dreams of an infatuated teen in Stranger Things. 

“Canyon“ finds the band exploring the confines of electronic pop, deconstructing traditions of melody at the intersection of timidity and wildness. The single opens with a softly arpeggiated synth that might be too sweet if it weren’t joined by a percussive buzz that weaves like cicadas swarming in summer. The verse marches in gently like a car radio being turned up outside your living room window. Suddenly it pops and slides into a lush chorus of “Me without you I just don’t see, You without me is incomplete” a relatable sentiment for anyone who’s ever had a bleeding heart. Emily Rose often sings of heartache and longing in a way that somehow feels reassuring, and this new track continues that theme with new gravitas, putting Zigtebra’s songwriting craft on full naked display. 

Zigtebra must know they have a good thing going with this single debut, which separates them from their earlier efforts, and places them potentially in the realm of bands to explode in 2019. As they delve deeper into their glittering, wobbling sound, they’re sure to find a new underground fanbase leaning in too."

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