Dear Diary (Emily Rose Updates From The Road)

What Christmas song should we cover?  

Zigtebra first met around the holidays, so it's a special time of year for us. The holidays brought us into partnership, the best gift of all. 

It's a really weird holiday season feeling so separate from friends, family, and each other (joe in California and Emily in the midwest), but I guess it's time to finally embrace the sociality of social media and accept it as a legitimate connection resources. Instead of swearing off IG & FB, we're trying to use them more mindfully: connecting to people instead of scrolling for 1 second meme laughs. 

Anyway, what Christmas song do you want us to do a cover of? 

(Sidenote: our previous covers include: The Grinch Theme Song and WHAM!'s Last Christmas). 


Away from parties and caring more ^_^ 

Zigtebra's life has revolved around tour, shows, and prepping for tours and shows.

Probably like a lot of you who are in bands or creative projects (we feel you). Suddenly having your major vibe and purpose wiped off of your calendar, life feels a bit quiet, right? 

But one thing I really love about this quiet time is having so much thinking space, whereas life is usually too hectic. Would anyone have had as much time to consider and appreciate the BLM movement if it weren't for this funky time off? I'd like to think so, but I'm not sure. It's moot to wonder though, because the fact is we are in a pandemic with a lot of closures, and the bright side is that people are listening and learning more because there are no parties and shows. 

Things we're doing lately:

Watering plants

Learning piano

Practicing guitar

Writing new music

Working on dayjob careers stuff

Caring about and connecting with family

Reading fiction (lately: "Dark Matter" by Black Crouch and "Goodmorning, Midnight" by Lily Brooks-Dalton)

Drinking fizzy water instead of booze

Reading about and talking about social issues

Washing our hands & wearing masks

Working on an album's worth of music! 

What have you been up to lately? 


emily rose (& joe)




Working on a new album now.  

Life update! Still taking a hiatus from being social so that we can separately work on jobs and music. Me, in my Public Speaking consultancy while Tiger teaches. Settling to make money has to happen once in a while, because nope we do not have trust funds. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But for real the new songs are the best ever, and in just a little while longer we'll be able to start sharing it. 

Basically it feels like we're being boring online lately, but it's because we're working on getting things organized for the next and best ever album.


It's wild to know how much I realllly did not know before. Because now that I know so much more, I know that I have just scratched the surface. The more you know, the more you realize you don't know and all that...

In other deep thoughts, I wonder what blog(s) out there are maintained with the most love, care, and insightful consistency, but that are literally never read by anyone.

Emily Rose

Let me know if you read these. 


Artist's Residency in Arcata, CA (3 Months!) 

Zigtebra has been in Arcata, CA since November 1st for an Artist's Residency to write our new album through the end of January while Emily gears up for some consulting gigs. We've written the jangly bones of 8 remarkable songs that we are so super excited to reveal. Basically we're going to win a Grammy and we're pretty chuffed about it. (yes that is British slang, but the only tv shows I've ever watched are The British Baking Show, Midsomer Murders, and Star Trek, so...)

If you'd like a Christmas card from Zigtebra, then order a pin from our store and we'll send it with a special card! 


Emily Rose & Zeph

Come be in our music video! 

This Friday we are having a very special event at our home base in Arcata, CA, The Sanctuary,

We are filming and recording everyone who comes through the door for our new music video and the first single off our new album!

We are hosting a happy hour this Friday where we will be involving the community in our next video and single.

Come out to the Sanctuary from 4-7 pm to be a part of it all

More details at the link below:

*new single* 

??❤️?IT'S OUT!!!! ? Love it? Hate it? ===> Watch the new music video for the single below ---->


"As Emily Rose and Joe Zeph of Zigtebra creep towards mainstream exposure, their plaintive and sparkling brand of off-path indie feels less like an attempt at radio-ready pop and more like a broadcast straight from the surreal and tender dreams of an infatuated teen in Stranger Things. 

“Canyon“ finds the band exploring the confines of electronic pop, deconstructing traditions of melody at the intersection of timidity and wildness. The single opens with a softly arpeggiated synth that might be too sweet if it weren’t joined by a percussive buzz that weaves like cicadas swarming in summer. The verse marches in gently like a car radio being turned up outside your living room window. Suddenly it pops and slides into a lush chorus of “Me without you I just don’t see, You without me is incomplete” a relatable sentiment for anyone who’s ever had a bleeding heart. Emily Rose often sings of heartache and longing in a way that somehow feels reassuring, and this new track continues that theme with new gravitas, putting Zigtebra’s songwriting craft on full naked display. 

Zigtebra must know they have a good thing going with this single debut, which separates them from their earlier efforts, and places them potentially in the realm of bands to explode in 2019. As they delve deeper into their glittering, wobbling sound, they’re sure to find a new underground fanbase leaning in too."

Read the full article here =====>

Send us a pic of YOUUUU 

IF you didn't already know, y'all are the jelly to our peanut butter and there's almost nothing better than putting on a show in a new city and meeting new fans and catching up with OG fans. 

We've started posting "Super Fan Friday" pics on our Instagram and we'd love to post about YOU! 

Do you have any photos with Joe and/or Emily at a show????

Or can you take a cool pic of you wearing our merch (a tee shirt, sweatshirt or button)??

EPIC: Oh whoa, you know what would be cool? A VIDEO of you dancing to a Zigtebra song or singing it. 

SEND THEM TO US! And tell us a bit about you so we can share what you're up to when we post it online.

We can't wait to see what you send.  <3 <3 <3​​​​​​




Portland, OR =====> 



AUSTIN, TX ====>





Happy Valentine's Day: The Freshness 


"When it's cold and raining, 

you are more beautiful. 

And the snow brings me 

even closer to your lips. 

The inner secret, that which was never born, 

you are that freshness, and I am with you now. 

I can't explain the goings, 

or the comings. You enter suddenly, 

and I am nowhere again. 

Inside the majesty. "



From Soul of Rumi 

by Coleman Barks



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