Chic-A-Go-Go's Jake Austen + Chaka Khan!!

Jake Austen is a completely awesome dude.  Have you heard of him?  Well, he's a name to remember and here are a couple reasons why:  

1. He writes cool articles for the Reader (like this bomb interview with CHAKA KHAN

Zigtebra & Friends: Summer Happenings!

Wow, so while Zigtebra is getting busy about our music videos and upcoming album release party, we have a bunch of friends doing actively amazing things!  Read on for some awesome summer stuff coming out of Chicago:

Neo Chicago Arts

Zigtebra Diaries 7/28/14

Dear Diary, 

Last night we played The Spook House in Evanston.  Joe made a new friend who would not stop licking every exposed inch of his sweaty and velvety skin.  Also, we jumped aboard a hot last minute show TONIGHT

'Pucker Up" - Miami Dolphins- music video

Our labelmates, Miami Dolphins, have released this adorable new video and it made our day.  Enjoy!  AND get psyched to participate in our three upcoming music video shoots.  We want to see all our friends in the special pool party…

Life is Tough, but you always said you liked it Rough...

Eustress is the best stress.  Sometimes the juicy fruit falls off the branch into your mouth, and other times you have to climb halfway down the Bright Angel trail for a sip of water, but both are wonderful.  Though in…

Call for Videographers and Extras!

Hey Chicago!

We are cooking up three music videos for unreleased new Zigtebra songs to be released on "The Brave" in September 2015 and we'd love for YOU to be in on it!  We promise to set up fun shoots…