New Year New Feelings New Songs New Adventures

Tonight, the ever-clever Zebra saddled up and headed to the laundromat to write some lyrics and purify her linens. All she could think about was fragrance-free detergent and the infinitesimal improbability of her own existence. The odds! The odds!


Merry Christmas!!

Ho Ho Ho You Beautiful Beasts!

We are celebrating Christmas at separate family's homes so we hope you are together for us. Here we are performing a Christmas hit to save our friend Ian from the evil tentacled clutches of…

In Pilsen

As some of you know, we live in a magical place on the southwest side of Chicago called Pilsen. Without going into too much detail, it is the best place on earth. One of the reasons that makes it so…

Good Morning

Stretch your fingers and toes, a new day to sink your teeth into is crawling over the horizon. Perhaps we are sipping our morning coffee and nibbling buttery pancakes in unison with friends and fans across the world! Three amazing…

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The Album Release is THIS FRIDAY, Oct 24th!

All of Chicagoland is abuzz with excitement for our upcoming album release! Brookfield Zoo has had tremendous unruly behavior, especially in the tiger and zebra dens. Chicago Public Schools are releasing the children at noon to reduce the liklihood of…

Ten Reasons October is Zigtebra's Favorite Month (right now):

10:  It's the only time of the year that we can wear our cool coats, the ones that aren't full force Chicago-snow protectors.

9:  Autumnal & Halloween-themed Food = Yum-Y'all!

8: Fantasizing about the winter music creation hibernation and getting…

Chicago, a love note.

Chicago is my dream I awake to each morning. 
As my head clears from a night of cheap beer and loud bands, I breathe in the horns and construction sounds from the street below.
The lake is my princess, I…

New Music Video for Old Bedroom Recording!!

Dear Diary,

We are already in full busy swing of the Autumnal harvest.  We are letting our houseplants enjoy the last outside shreds of sun, the last tastes of warm rain, the last gusts of earthy summer air.  And our…

8/19/2014 The Brave is RELEASED!!!!

"The Brave" is now available on CD and all over the web (ITunes, Spotify, etc)!!!  Drink it up!  Blast it from your boombox!  Share it with your crush, your sister, your mom, your cat, your neighbor!  We are so proud…