September's New Song "Wildlife," as Tour Winds Down...

Wow, we have less than 2 weeks left of tour. It's hard to fathom how much we've grown and how much we've seen in four months.

We've hiked 100 backcountry miles up and down mountains and canyons (Grand Canyon…

Tour Adventure Updates

Zigtebra is nearly 3 months into our 4 month tour. We've hiked the Grand Canyon (Rim to Rim to RIM) and wandered into Tijuana to play Moustache and see our amazing local friend, Matthew Suarez (Matingas). He wrote about our…

Almost Halfway Point of Tour: LEARNINGS

Road Diary # 432

We're almost 60 days into tour and still smelling pretty fresh. We've had some incredible adventures in the south (playing two nights in Key West, surrounded by roosters, palm trees, and the ocean), the east…

We Totally Rock

Even though Emily Rose's laptop got stolen by some ex-cons in Florida (you can read about the caper here), we STILL made a song and music video to stay on schedule with our ambitious 2017 plan: every month…

June's NEW Music Video and Song "WILD CHILD"

Dear Diary, 

We're in Plant Land Florida, sitting in a McDonald's working on booking the last quarter of our tour, drinking coffee. 

Tour started May 17th. It's only June 2nd and in that time we've played a bunch…


Dear Diary from the Road!

Dear Diary, 

We are hours away from being on the road for one week. One week out of our 4 month tour. OMG.

Van life is amazing. Tennessee and Georgia have been beautiful, lush, and RAINY. The rain…


Zigtebra Monthly Music Video: "WANT YOU"

WANT YOU is our ode to Chicago before we head out on a whopping tour. 

We spent a day biking around the city and enjoying the sun. We hope you take this humble effort with a grain of salt and…

NEW MUSIC & NEW VIDEO "No Matter How Far"

It's April Fools Day and we have our 4th brand new, sparkle-laden music video treat for your eyes and ears. We hope it brings some magic to your month! Please *like* and share on your FB page if you like…

Coming in Like a Lion, March's Video Roars to Life!

We hit the streets in the latest video from Zigtebraland!


Song and Video by Zigtebra 
Filmed on location in Pilsen  
Shot By Chris Alvarez and Rob Goana 
Cameos by Shane Berry as the hunk  and Alvy as the painter


February NEW Song and Music Video for "All Night"

Dear Zigtebra Friends and Fans, 

We present to you our second contribution to the treasure chest of Zigtebra music videos for 2017! This video concept was written by Zigtebra, filmed by Christopher Alvarez of Chateau Racine, and edited by Zigtebra…