Tour Route & Adventure Report from the Road

Dear Diary,  

I'm sitting in a laundromat in Cincinnati, on the Kentucky side, staring at a sign that reads "No Washing of Horse Equipment." When I first got out of the car yesterday in Louisville, KY I announced "Wow…

Summer in Chicago

We're back in Chicago for 7 weeks before we hit the road again. Hopefully we'll do studious things like learn a couple new languages, go to the beach every day, mow lawns for the elderly, work back up to 7…

The Grossest Thing About Music Festivals

Okay so we have loooong drives between shows.  

Recently we spent hours in the hot heat of the no-cell-signal desert. No podcasts. No gas stations. No indoor bathrooms. We saw a lot of porta potties, but we saw rows…

Cruising through Utah


We're whipping through miles and miles of rocky, dusty deserts and chunky, melting mountains and hills. 

Zigtebra plays Salt Lake City tonight and after that we head towards Colorado to melt into the arms of some friends…

Orlando Weekly article about our show at Iron Cow

Orlando Florida has more magic than Mickey Mouse. There are lizards, and rockers, and weirdos, and cool shows at The Iron Cow. 

Bao Le-Huu of Orlando Weekly was front and center photographing the show. I kept wondering who this…

Savannah, GA

Good Morning Y'all! 


It's a foggy, rainy morning in Savannah, GA, which is a perfect way to slowly wake up and remember the incredible fun we had last night.

Zigtebra opened for The Savannah Sweet Tease burlesque…

2018 Tour #1

Howdy Friends!

We're in a McDonald's in Tallahassee working on booking the latter half of our 4.5 month tour. It's our first of two tours in 2018. We'll be going everywhere south and everywhere up the coasts. We're skipping…



Wow 12 new songs and new music videos, representing every month in 2017. What a fun journey. I'm getting addicted. Do you like computers?


Emily Rose


November Song and Music Video is LIVE "Paradise"

Just in time for Halloween, we have a special treat, our new song and music video, "Paradise." It's hard to believe we've made 11 new songs and music videos this year AND gone on a 4 month tour AND we're…


October's Song and Music Video with a SURPRISE ENDING

DUUUUUUDE we have made TEN music videos and songs this year. WOW. Emily went out on a limb making this one while sleep-deprived and riding a train to Indiana. We hope you love it. What did you think of the…