*new single*

😭🌈❤️🎉IT'S OUT!!!! 👀 Love it? Hate it? ===> Watch the new music video for the single below ---->


"As Emily Rose and Joe Zeph of Zigtebra creep towards mainstream exposure, their plaintive and sparkling brand…

Send us a pic of YOUUUU

IF you didn't already know, y'all are the jelly to our peanut butter and there's almost nothing better than putting on a show in a new city and meeting new fans and catching up with OG fans. 

We've started…

Happy Valentine's Day: The Freshness


"When it's cold and raining, 

you are more beautiful. 

And the snow brings me 

even closer to your lips. 

The inner secret, that which was never born, 

you are that freshness, and I am…



Back in Chicago.

We were snowed in, iced in, froze-in. One day was -22F and -55 with the wind chill. 

True to Chicago-form, we burrowed in and used our sunlight-deprivation-induced blues to write some new music.

Emily's keyboard…

Back to Chicago for the Holidaze!

Dear Diary, 

We're back from an incredible 9 months of touring in 2018. Back to Chicago to cozy up to writing a new album, cooking dinner in kitchens (do we even remember how to cook?) and preparing for a 2019…


Thank you to everyone who was a part of inspiring, listening to, and singing along with us while we wrote and polished up this album over the past year. We're super psyched to finally have out in the wild. If…

Magic Marfa

We played Lost Horse Saloon in Marfa on Friday and stayed Saturday morning to watch our friend, Rie do stick-n-pokes at the trailer she works in, "Slowpoke." As the lazy afternoon wore on, we went to lounge with beers at…

Tip Us In Texas

Howdy Y'all! 

We're in Texas and still on tour for two more months!

Someone recently asked about sending us a tip, so we thought we'd share the option here too.

If you send a donation to our…


Heading to Key West

Tour Adventure Rolls On, 

We've crawled through hustling NYC, early America Providence, balmy Georgia, nautical Virginia, and we're currently in tropical Florida playing Delray Beach tonight and Key West tomorrow. We shower at gyms and friends houses every day…