Tip Us In Texas

Howdy Y'all! 

We're in Texas and still on tour for two more months!

Someone recently asked about sending us a tip, so we thought we'd share the option here too.

If you send a donation to our Zigtebra PayPal and if you give us your address, we'd be psyched to send a personal postcard thank you! Another way you can send $tips or support is to us via Venmo. We appreciate you. 

And now for the updates!!!!

We've been in Houston, Fort Worth, Denton, and Austin and now we're heading to San Antonio, then Marfa during the famed El Cosmico weekend, and then finally to El Paso, before pass-o-ing outta Texas further west. 

Here are some of the things we've seen so far on tour:

a bloody mary and bagels brunch show in New Orleans featuring a harp performance.

a backyard in Florida that ended in a lake and they had canoes.

snakes, armadillos, GIANT four feet iguanas, manatees, minks.

The road is long and lonely and it means a lot to us to hear from you. <3 

P.S What kind of song should we write next?
P.P.S. What should our next music video be????





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