Savannah, GA

Good Morning Y'all! 


It's a foggy, rainy morning in Savannah, GA, which is a perfect way to slowly wake up and remember the incredible fun we had last night.

Zigtebra opened for The Savannah Sweet Tease burlesque troupe's fundraiser at The Jinx. The troupe closed the night with a brief tease of a show, including a Carmen San Diego number. MEOW! 

Afterwards we hopped from bar to bar with the guidance of two of Joe's local friends, walking down steep historical steps, winding alley-ways, floating in bubble fields, finding ourselves in the middle of packed dance floors, country-line dancing, and suddenly being signed up for mechanical bull rides. 

It was a blur of fun and magic. SAVANNAH. Wow.

And, bonus, we made a special promise about the rest of the year for Zigtebra! ^_^


Emily and Her Skills


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