HO HO HO Look What We've Been Up To!

The Holidaze are in full swing for Zigtebra in Chicago. We did a very rare performance at Space Oddities of The Red Pony Play (oh humble beginnings) for a show with Lonesome Leash (incredibly talented man from Dark Dark Dark), Right Eye Rita, and Hobbyist, PLUS we played The Empty Bottle for Axons' latest album release.  It was an all female-fronted night with support from Spaces of Disappearance and headlined by the ever lovely Moritat. Music.Defined. even spotted us and we were delighted with his write-up.  After our set we bumped into the royalty of Midwest Action, Alyssa, and Dan.  They are two immensely cool music-heads who probably know more about the midwest scene than anybody we know. If you see them send them some love from Zigtebra, and send them your music too!  Last but not least, we recorded a dark and glowing living room session live at Chateau Racine.  We taped three songs including a sultry remix of a holiday favorite that we cannot wait to share to put you in the mood.  

Hoping all your holiday wishes come true!

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