Heading to Key West

Tour Adventure Rolls On, 

We've crawled through hustling NYC, early America Providence, balmy Georgia, nautical Virginia, and we're currently in tropical Florida playing Delray Beach tonight and Key West tomorrow. We shower at gyms and friends houses every day, but in Key West all we have is the ocean and walking into the dark ocean at night, unseeing, trusting... all I can think is: jellyfish?

Zigtebra has been playing with some unbelievably good bands lately. It's so awesome to get to play music together AND see incredible bands in one night and get paid for it. Y'all, we blessed. 


Monster Teeth babyking smooth voice like Vampire Weekend, morning bird samples whispering over a clicking, blipping rhythm that crashes into the deepest bass-y dance-able magic show.

Donzii: holy heck Joe, whatta show! They are Liquid Television with candles and tuxedos and a new drum machine.


Whatever you're going through or going for, if you can see what you want, stay in the sunshine while you're going and listen to this:


Emily Rose


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