Zigtebra is the Chicago-based lo-fi indie rock / dreampop duo of Emily Rose and Zeph. The creative partners met in the ecstatic, glitter-laden LGBTQ dance troupe "Pure Magical Love." The pair were drawn together, united in their shared obsessions, and they found themselves laying on the roof night after night listening to mixes and talking about music. There was no way they could escape the fate of trying their hand together. Zigtebra officially began the night they performed their fictional musical about Leonard Cohen at the Gallery Cabaret in Chicago. From there they launched into premiering their concepts throughout Chicago's supportive basement scene. Early Zigtebra shows were a mesmerizingly strange and sparkling experience inspired by a mix of The Unicorns, Brazilian Girls, The Blow, and The Knife.

In 2017 Zigtebra made a pact to write one new song and music video every month of the year, and go on a 120-day summer tour. They did it and their live show transformed from basement chaos to fevered magic.

In 2018 they toured nearly nonstop for a total of 9 months playing house shows and alt spaces around America, culminating in the lowkey self-release of "Major Crush."

In 2019, Zigtebra performed for 2 months before starting a 3 month Artist Residency to create an album and prepare for 2020 touring and workshops. Which all got canceled of course. 

Currently, Zigtebra is still working on the album, working on career stuff too. 

"If you have a chance to see this sparkling indie duo, GO, before the crowds are too deep. "The sound of Zigtebra is what you would expect Wednesday Addams to be into, if she were to become a romantic like her parents. Spooky tones, deep synthesizer beats and crystal-clear vocals full of emotion and desire - something trance-like and pure." (Roy Brown, The Voyager 2/24/18)

"With an album currently in the works, it’s only a matter of time before Zigtebra’s new music can soundtrack your own drives, haunting the open highways with their imaginative (and vaguely Gothic) spirit." (Jude Noel, City Beat, 7/4/2018)

FFO: Youth Lagoon, Perfume Genius, Beach House, The Knife, Grimes, and Selena Gomez

Zigtebra has opened for Oh Wonder, Wild Belle, The Dö, Picture This, EMA, The Blow, ANIMA, Jamilla Woods, and Calvin Johnson.