Dear Diary (Emily Rose Updates From The Road)

Good Morning 

Stretch your fingers and toes, a new day to sink your teeth into is crawling over the horizon. Perhaps we are sipping our morning coffee and nibbling buttery pancakes in unison with friends and fans across the world! Three amazing shows coming up in Chicago within the next few weeks.  We'll be debuting our new setup. Keep growing.

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The Album Release is THIS FRIDAY, Oct 24th! 

All of Chicagoland is abuzz with excitement for our upcoming album release! Brookfield Zoo has had tremendous unruly behavior, especially in the tiger and zebra dens. Chicago Public Schools are releasing the children at noon to reduce the liklihood of rioting and traffic chaos. The Grand Clock at City Hall even has a digital timer ticking the seconds to showtime.  We have stacks of press inquiries to respond to, and phone calls to return, but No!, we choose to stay safely in the confines of our cozy bandroom hideout and continue working on the show.  It WILL be a Spectacular Spooktacular!  But you have to be there to experience the dark art of Zigtebra-on-stage, so please RSVP and say "Hi" at the show.  

*some editorial details not fact-checked..

Ten Reasons October is Zigtebra's Favorite Month (right now): 

10:  It's the only time of the year that we can wear our cool coats, the ones that aren't full force Chicago-snow protectors.

9:  Autumnal & Halloween-themed Food = Yum-Y'all!

8: Fantasizing about the winter music creation hibernation and getting cozy in the new humble band room!

7: Ditching the bikini bod.  In Chicago you need that extra layer or you will perish.  

6: Prepping your winter-gear game.  Bike Winter?!?!?!  YOU BET.

5: New gear, new fossil-free transportation options, new sounds...  

4: Everyone is wearing costumes.  No other time of year brings out alter-egos like Halloween!  WHO ARE THEY??????

3: Day of the Dead in our amazing neighborhood in Pilsen

2: OCTOBER 24th is our Vinyl Release Spooktacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are in Chicago, YOU. MUST. COME. 

1:  HALLOWEEN DUH!!!!!!  Halloween is actually our birthday, so we are especially joyful and grateful for the magic and surprise of this day.  


Chicago, a love note. 

Chicago is my dream I awake to each morning. 
As my head clears from a night of cheap beer and loud bands, I breathe in the horns and construction sounds from the street below.
The lake is my princess, I drink from her waters.
The sun setting over the western plains warms my heart especially when I get to bask in it's rays like I did yesterday.


Visit soon, the sun sets daily and you never know which one will be your last.
Love Allways,

New Music Video for Old Bedroom Recording!! 

Dear Diary,

We are already in full busy swing of the Autumnal harvest.  We are letting our houseplants enjoy the last outside shreds of sun, the last tastes of warm rain, the last gusts of earthy summer air.  And our hearts are pitter-pattering with joy in anticipation of our upcoming Album Release Spooktacular.  We are cooking up an absolutely unforgettable night!  We do hope you'll join us in costume. Don't forget to RSVP!

As a special treat for this lonely Monday, here is a music video for one of our earliest recordings.  Bad Taste out of Seattle was in Chicago for one day only and we'd be game for a quick day-long shoot for an experimental stop-motion idea they cooked up.  Check out the beautiful results! 

Zigtebra: "Where Have You Gone" recorded 2012, filmed 2014 by Bad Taste


8/19/2014 The Brave is RELEASED!!!! 

"The Brave" is now available on CD and all over the web (ITunes, Spotify, etc)!!!  Drink it up!  Blast it from your boombox!  Share it with your crush, your sister, your mom, your cat, your neighbor!  We are so proud of the fruits of our labor and looking forward to touring around the country with our always evolving sound.  Celebrate with us by telling us what you think here, on FB, or giving us a rate on ITunes.  Or just give us a high five when you see us at a show. ^_^


Chic-A-Go-Go's Jake Austen + Chaka Khan!! 

Jake Austen is a completely awesome dude.  Have you heard of him?  Well, he's a name to remember and here are a couple reasons why:  

1. He writes cool articles for the Reader (like this bomb interview with CHAKA KHAN!  We love that it features Hyde Park and her early influences)
2. He publishes Roctober Magazine.
3. He is the puppeteer (and as far as I can tell main organizer) of Chicago's famous Chic-a-Go-Go.  It is an all-ages dance show featuring local bands and famous national bands too.  If you haven't gone to a Saturday or Sunday taping, you absolutely must (and tell Zigtebra so we can join you). Don't forget to bring an awesome costume.  
4. And way more!  I just found out he's Room Manager for a new space, The Promontory, in Hyde Park that was started by Bruce Finkelman of the Empty Bottle, Craig Golden of SPACE in Evanston, and Jared Wentworth of total chef incredibleness (ex: Longman & Eagle and Dusek's in Pilsen).

So thanks Jake for all you do, and for letting Zigtebra play for you at Chic-A-Go-Go.  <3


Zigtebra & Friends: Summer Happenings! 

Wow, so while Zigtebra is getting busy about our music videos and upcoming album release party, we have a bunch of friends doing actively amazing things!  Read on for some awesome summer stuff coming out of Chicago:

Neo Chicago Arts and Music Space is being created by former members of the illustrious and incredible underground spaces Mortville and the Beauty Shop.  Backed by a successful IndieGoGo campaign they have scored the funds to begin building a new cooperatively owned art and music space.  We know we'll see some amazing shows here, so give their page a like and check back frequently for events.  If you're interesting in joining or supporting them further, email them at

New Downtown Skate Park being built!!!!  Rahm broke ground himself!  Emily's fingers are crossed that Joe will rip this to shreds, fingers intact and guitar-shred-ready.  

Didn't make Lolla or Pitchfork?  No worries,  Millenium Park has a FREE summer concert series!  (in fact, Maps and Atlases are playing tonight! at 6:30PM)  Plus free AM Saturday Yoga, plus free dance lessons on Fridays!  So far we've checked out the yoga and the free salsa dancing, which was SO SWEATY.  Ole!

One of our local favorite bands, Toupee is about to go on tour with another local band Lil Tits.  Check out their killer tour schedule to see if they are coming to your town!

Best of all, the details of our !!!!Album Release Grandioso Spectacular!!!! are starting to trickle in and we are so so tickled.  I have literally never looked forward to Autumn so much in my life.  Except for when I was in grade school and was in love with my nun principal, Sister Helene.  


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