Dear Diary (Emily Rose Updates From The Road)

Send us a pic of YOUUUU 

IF you didn't already know, y'all are the jelly to our peanut butter and there's almost nothing better than putting on a show in a new city and meeting new fans and catching up with OG fans. 

We've started posting "Super Fan Friday" pics on our Instagram and we'd love to post about YOU! 

Do you have any photos with Joe and/or Emily at a show????

Or can you take a cool pic of you wearing our merch (a tee shirt, sweatshirt or button)??

EPIC: Oh whoa, you know what would be cool? A VIDEO of you dancing to a Zigtebra song or singing it. 

SEND THEM TO US! And tell us a bit about you so we can share what you're up to when we post it online.

We can't wait to see what you send.  <3 <3 <3​​​​​​




Portland, OR =====> 



AUSTIN, TX ====>





Happy Valentine's Day: The Freshness 


"When it's cold and raining, 

you are more beautiful. 

And the snow brings me 

even closer to your lips. 

The inner secret, that which was never born, 

you are that freshness, and I am with you now. 

I can't explain the goings, 

or the comings. You enter suddenly, 

and I am nowhere again. 

Inside the majesty. "



From Soul of Rumi 

by Coleman Barks




Back in Chicago.

We were snowed in, iced in, froze-in. One day was -22F and -55 with the wind chill. 

True to Chicago-form, we burrowed in and used our sunlight-deprivation-induced blues to write some new music.

Emily's keyboard is broken so she picked up an old guitar and she suuuucks,

but it's fun. 

We sat down in a circle of candlelight and made the party plan for the year. A few fests, a new tour, new music. 

New thoughts.

Traveling, re-locating west??



emily rose

Back to Chicago for the Holidaze! 

Dear Diary, 

We're back from an incredible 9 months of touring in 2018. Back to Chicago to cozy up to writing a new album, cooking dinner in kitchens (do we even remember how to cook?) and preparing for a 2019 summer of festivals. We're also working on creating a few cover songs for some of our biggest supporters and while we're running a bit behind on them because of the settle-in process, we're very excited about them!


Write to us if you want us to make sure to visit your town!


Emily Rose 

Magic Marfa 

We played Lost Horse Saloon in Marfa on Friday and stayed Saturday morning to watch our friend, Rie do stick-n-pokes at the trailer she works in, "Slowpoke." As the lazy afternoon wore on, we went to lounge with beers at the hotel pool, and we got invited to play a birthday party at someone's house outside under the full moon later that night. Could there be a more perfect day? It was so nice walking around the dusty streets of this mile long little town. We can't wait to come back.


Did you see the new tee shirt design? For ONE WEEK ONLY we are sending any tee shirt or cd orders with a personal post card note to you from wherever we are! Both of these are limited runs (last order ever of Sparkle Tip), so grab them before they're collector items.



From El Paso, 
Emily Rose 


Tip Us In Texas 

Howdy Y'all! 

We're in Texas and still on tour for two more months!

Someone recently asked about sending us a tip, so we thought we'd share the option here too.

If you send a donation to our Zigtebra PayPal and if you give us your address, we'd be psyched to send a personal postcard thank you! Another way you can send $tips or support is to us via Venmo. We appreciate you. 

And now for the updates!!!!

We've been in Houston, Fort Worth, Denton, and Austin and now we're heading to San Antonio, then Marfa during the famed El Cosmico weekend, and then finally to El Paso, before pass-o-ing outta Texas further west. 

Here are some of the things we've seen so far on tour:

a bloody mary and bagels brunch show in New Orleans featuring a harp performance.

a backyard in Florida that ended in a lake and they had canoes.

snakes, armadillos, GIANT four feet iguanas, manatees, minks.

The road is long and lonely and it means a lot to us to hear from you. <3 

P.S What kind of song should we write next?
P.P.S. What should our next music video be????





Heading to Key West 

Tour Adventure Rolls On, 

We've crawled through hustling NYC, early America Providence, balmy Georgia, nautical Virginia, and we're currently in tropical Florida playing Delray Beach tonight and Key West tomorrow. We shower at gyms and friends houses every day, but in Key West all we have is the ocean and walking into the dark ocean at night, unseeing, trusting... all I can think is: jellyfish?

Zigtebra has been playing with some unbelievably good bands lately. It's so awesome to get to play music together AND see incredible bands in one night and get paid for it. Y'all, we blessed. 


Monster Teeth babyking smooth voice like Vampire Weekend, morning bird samples whispering over a clicking, blipping rhythm that crashes into the deepest bass-y dance-able magic show.

Donzii: holy heck Joe, whatta show! They are Liquid Television with candles and tuxedos and a new drum machine.


Whatever you're going through or going for, if you can see what you want, stay in the sunshine while you're going and listen to this:


Emily Rose


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